BCD425  Choosing Construction Type Just Got Easier: Design Tools to Simplify IBC Chapter 5
Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW, 0.1 ICC CEU

Determining the allowable building code construction type based on for a building’s occupancy and size is fundamental to proper design. It also can be one of the most daunting code analysis steps—but it doesn’t have to be! Through a combination of building code highlights, design examples, and resources, this presentation will focus on practical approaches that make determining construction type and associated allowable heights and areas, considerably easier. Topics will include building size and height alternatives in from the 2015 International Building Code and an introduction to free calculators and other resources that speed and simplify the process. Code requirements for fire safety during construction will also be reviewed.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Recognize construction types, occupancies, and determine building heights and areas for wood-frame low- and mid-rise construction per the 2015 International Building Code.
  2. Describe Code Conforming Wood Design, and highlight its use as a resource for designers when analyzing single-occupancy structures.
  3. Discuss allowable building size calculators and review their capabilities in analyzing single- and multi-occupancy buildings.
  4. Discuss the special provisions of International Building Code Section 510 and give examples of their applications in common building configurations.

Choosing Construction Type Just Got Easier: Design Tools to Simplify IBC Chapter 5

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