DES222 – 2018 NDS Design Examples
Credit: 1.5 AIA LU/HSW, 0.15 ICC CEU

Whether you’re a wood design novice or an expert who wants a refresher on some NDS design concepts, this program will have something to offer you! Design examples covered will include compression member analysis, CLT bearing wall design, and connection design basics. Design provisions and equations from the 2018 NDS and reference design values from the 2018 NDS Supplement will be used to calculate capacities under various loading conditions. Additionally, a demonstration of the WoodWorks® Sizer and WoodWorks® Connections design software will be presented in coordination with the design examples.

Learning objectives:

  1. Apply the appropriate use of NDS Supplement design values
  2. Discuss NDS design provisions for lumber and connection design
  3. Define design requirements and standards for CLT design
  4. Identify the capabilities of the WoodWorks® software

Course Details

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