DES810 - Public-Private Partnerships Driving Mass Timber Innovations – ICCU Basketball Arena Panel Discussion
Credit: 1 AIA LU/HSW, 0.1 ICC CEU 

The one-hour webinar will start with a pre-produced video case study about the newly constructed mass timber ICCU Arena at the University of Idaho followed by short presentations from key players for additional project context and will wrap up with a Q&A session. The arena highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in furthering mass timber’s use. It was a recipient of a USDA Wood Innovation Grant, which helped kickstart its construction. The video will include interviews with representatives from the university, forest products industry, construction partners/vendors, and funders who can speak to the uniqueness of the project and what it means to the university and community – as well as how it can serve as a model for the utilization of mass timber in similar applications.

Learning objectives:

  1. Discuss the USDA Wood Innovation Grant Program and the importance of Public-Private Partnerships in furthering the use of mass timber
  2. Recall a landmark project constructed using local materials and the associated benefits to the community
  3. State the feasibility of engineering large scale mass timber structures
  4. Discuss the importance of manufacturing capabilities and how they can impact structural member specification

Public-Private Partnerships Driving Mass Timber Innovations

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